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The Painted Doll
All the way down to hell!
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Плюс очень интересная статья "How the Creators of The Devil's Carnival Said 'Screw You' to Hollywood and Gained a Cult Following"

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The Painted Doll
All the way down to hell!
Director Darren Bousman ("Saw II-IV," "Repo: The Genetic Opera") is saying goodbye to Hollywood studios -- for his new flick "The Devil's Carnival," anyway. After he and writer Terrance Zdunich poured their hearts and souls into cult classic "Repo: The Genetic Opera" only to have the studios give it a paltry two-theater release, they decided to take things into their own hands with "The Devil's Carnival," a macabre rock musical eagerly anticipated by "Repo"'s devoted fanbase.

Of course, no studio means no money, no distribution and a heck of a lot of work for Bousman and company. "It's all us. It's four dudes in a house updating the website, putting the merch out there, booking the theaters. There is no conglomerate behind us," Bousman explains.

This isn't the first time he's taken things into his own hands. After Lionsgate relegated "Repo" to just two theaters, Bousman begged them for the rights to run his own screenings for a month, and concocted a fun road show that attracted a loyal fanbase and ultimately transformed "Repo" into a cult classic.

This time around, Bousman self-financed "The Devil's Carnival," which meant the impressive cast he scored (including "Goodfellas" legend Paul Sorvino, "Deadwood"'s Dayton Callie, "Boondock Saints" star Sean Patrick Flanery, "90210"'s Jessica Lowndes, Clown from Slipknot and international singing star Emilie Autumn) weren't in it for the money. "Nobody made shit on this, so you're dealing with people who're there because they want to be there, not because of the paycheck," says Bousman.

With no studio behind them to secure a wide release, Bousman, Zdunich and members of the cast and crew are taking "The Devil's Carnival" on a rock 'n' roll-style road show beginning April 5, with screenings and Q&As in theaters across the US and Canada. Cheering, singing, screaming, yelling and even booing at the screen are all encouraged. "We want to make it fun to go to the movies again -- to create an experience that can't be downloaded," says Bousman. "I think that part of filmmaking has kind of been lost. People now go to a theater in a strip mall in a multiplex with 30 other screens, sit silently in a packed room and then go home. Where's the fun in that?"

We chatted more with Bousman to get all the gory details about the deliciously dark "Devil's Carnival." For details about how to get tickets to a screening in your 'hood, check out The Devil's Carnival site.

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Интервью с Emilie Autumn

What a pretty, yet dangerous line, my love. What bitter, yet delicious wine, my love.

То самое интервью с Эмили Отемн, где она говорит о том, что пишется второй эпизод и вообще раскрывает некоторые детали о своем персонаже. Хотя отрывок про TDC небольшой, большей частью речь идет о ее творчестве, а также представляются некоторые из ее песен.

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The Painted Doll
All the way down to hell!
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The Devil's Carnival